The Backup Buddy Police Support app is designed to help with mental health issues.

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The App covers a range of problems faced by officers and staff in the Police Service, such as anxiety, anger, depression, stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, eating disorders, self harm and more.

It gives practical advice and support on how officers can maintain good mental health, spot warning signs for themselves and others, plus advice on how to get help for themselves and colleagues.

The App also includes officers’ own stories which users can relate to, leading to feeling less isolated.

General mental health tips are provided, as well as a directory of Useful Contacts and we have a facility to share your story – to help reduce the stigma in others.

Backup Buddy Previews
Backup Buddy App Previews

The App is currently available for Sussex and Surrey Police officers and staff. There are specific pathways mapped for help and support within Sussex and Surrey Police, including 24hr support for officers and staff.

The app can be customised to reflect the unique identity of each Police Service. The information within can be tailored to suit every participating forces’ current pathways and protocols for officers seeking help.  We want ‘Backup Buddy’ to be available to all officers in the UK, we want each Police Service to use the app to clearly signpost where their officers and staff can get help within their force 24 hours a day, from one easily accessible app.

Backup Buddy is supported by it’s Facebook and Twitter online presence. It will have its own vibrant website. Our goal is to create a community of Police users throughout the country who will share knowledge and information. It will be a platform to share stories and destroy stigma, where we can support each other and provide hope and guidance to anyone struggling with poor mental health.  There will be current articles and opportunities to share good practise as well as providing a ‘hub’ for surveys and research.  Every organisation that adopts the Backup Buddy app will also benefit from this online community where they can provide feedback, communicate with other users and participate in bringing change to make a positive difference in policing.

5 Star Reviews!

Backup Buddy has been extremely well received and some users kindly have left great reviews:

This is an extremely valuable resource and hopefully colleagues will take advantage of the support available.

Patrick ✭✭✭✭✭

Fantastic app, fantastic support what else do you need.

Billy ✭✭✭✭✭

Easy to use with great info & stories you can relate to!

Danny  ✭✭✭✭✭

This app is great. Easy to use with good links to supportive information

Tink – ✭✭✭✭✭


Friends, Sgt. Garry Botterill and Judith Broug, both felt there was a real need to tackle the stigma of mental health injury within the Emergency Services. They felt that a mobile App would be a great way to allow officers and staff to, in private and informally, find out more about the most common mental health issues they or their colleagues might face.

The App is ‘their’ resource to find out how to look after themselves, their friends and most importantly where to access help when it’s needed.

Importantly the App also features stories of colleagues who themselves suffered with mental health issues, strongly enforcing  the idea of …

… you are not alone!


We would like to thank those brave officers who shared their stories and who, by doing so, make it easier for others to seek support.

The first version of the Backup Buddy App was developed for Sussex and Surrey Police with the support of the Police Dependants’ Trust.

Sussex and Surrey Police Forces

The Ambition

The hope and ambition is that other forces provide Backup Buddy to their officers and staff, so they can support and recognise the need to reduce mental health stigma and make it easier for people to find much needed support.

If you are interested in providing Backup Buddy, customised to your force or service please contact us.

Backup Buddy was developed, written and designed by G. Botterill (Sussex Police Sergeant) and Judith Broug (MissyRedBoots).


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